We create simplicity in marketing strategy by identifying the differences that really make the difference.

What We Do

What We Do

We use marketing to give businesses the leverage they need to grow.

We're experts in both. We've proven it for the world's largest brands.



  • "In 2011 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia formed a Joint Venture with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Australia. We knew from the outset, aligning the two teams was the most crucial first step. We wanted to ensure we had an inspirational vision and a set of values that would galvanise the team.

    Bringing together two cultures is a challenge and the Step Change team facilitated and managed the group beautifully to extract the best of both cultures and fuse those elements into the Vision and Values of the new organisation.

    The second stage with two corporate parent companies was to ensure our Home Offices agreed and were aligned to the Vision and Values. The strategic approach and recommendations were so robust that we found it easy to walk our stakeholders through them and seek their approval. The new company has been launched and is operational and living the vision and values."

    Kim Overall
    Senior Vice President Global
    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

  • "The Australian Red Cross Blood Service worked with the Step Change team to design a strategy for increasing the frequency of plasma donations amongst our existing donors. It's an area with a lot of challenges and where many things have been tried before.
    The workshop made things simple and easy - Ash, Jeff and Adam led our team through step-by-step and the day was really enjoyable. The guys brought a lot of great, creative ideas and dug deep into our process to find the positioning we think will make all the difference.
    We are looking forward to applying their strategy early next year."

    Alanna Garn
    Marketing / Campaigns
    Australian Red Cross Blood Service

  • "I knew when I first met the Step Change team that I was dealing with a rare breed. We engaged Step Change for a POP Session and were pleasantly surprised by how quickly they could understand our business and deliver us workable ideas and strategies across our broad range of businesses and products.

    My vision was that Codan would evolve from a product and technical focused company, to a marketing lead company. One that was able to bring brand value to any technology category it chose to enter. To do this we needed a Step Change,  they've brought innovative marketing thinking to what has traditionally been an engineering lead business and ensured that on this journey we have come out of the gates fast. We've decided to work with them more long term because of the value they deliver."

    Donald McGurk
    CEO & Managing Director
    Codan Limited

  • "The POP Session was a great way to get to know how the Step Change team think with virtually no risk to our business. We'd heard good things from other business people about their sessions and we were not disappointed. Our session gave us focus and clarity around what we're doing in marketing and helped us set some priorities.

    We've decided to work with Step Change on our new packaging and we're also looking to our next campaign but you wouldn't need to work with them ongoing to see value from a POP Session. I'd recommend you work with Step Change."

    Sally Paech
    Marketing Director

  • "I have seen several hundred marketing presentations focused on promotion, live video and ideas to share our brand across the world. Step Change presented three different viral production campaigns that showed a world-class level of creativity, as a matter of fact, my favourite campaign presented was one of the most creative and 'fresh' ideas I have seen in several years. It is a pleasure to see a company push the envelope of creativity and production quality in brand marketing."

    Gary Schafer
    General Manager
    Minelab Americas & WW Consumer Marketing



  • Ashton Bishop


    Ashton Bishop is Australia's Predatory Marketer - an expert in pinpointing how brands can grow by outsmarting their competitors.

    However, his path was a somewhat unusual one. After graduating with a commerce/law degree he turned his hand to street performing, TV presenting, stand-up comedy, film directing and even literally ran away with the circus.

    Fortunately Ashton eventually found his niche in marketing, where he has spent the last 14 years working internationally on some of the world's biggest brands. He's a business owner, serial entrepreneur, challenging, sometimes even controversial, but always focused on what gets results.

    He's run million dollar campaigns for billion dollar brands, created Australia's first mobile app, received film awards, guest lectured at leading universities, won creative and strategic recognition from his peers and, in a world first, brought marketing strategy together with digital technology.

  • Simon Rutherford


    With 21 years media experience (7 in buying and 14 in strategy), Simon is one of Australia's most awarded media strategists. His experience includes working for industry leading agencies such as George Patterson Bates, Media Decisions, The Media Palace, Bellamyhayden and now Slingshot.

    During that time he led teams developing innovative marketing and channel solutions on some of Australia's biggest brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Westfield, Sony, Sanitarium, Lion Nathan, Daewoo, Uncle Bens and Mars to name but a few.

    Of particular note, Simon has extensive experience in leveraging some of Australia's largest and acclaimed multi-year sponsorships (Cricket, V8s, Big Brother), resulting in five MFA awards including the Grand Prix. As a further complement Simon has considerable experience in the sporting arena working in a sponsorship leverage or media strategy capacity across the AFL, NRL, FFA and Superleague.

  • Jeff Cooper


    Jeff learnt his most valuable lessons in marketing by spending his own money.

    Some marketers might be happy with a career that saw them conceptualise and implement million dollar campaigns for some of the world's largest brands (including; Vodafone, Commonwealth Bank, Sony, 3M and The Australian), be crowned as one of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in Australia in B&T and Anthill magazine's 30-under-30 Awards respectively, pioneer world first marketing technologies, co-author a six book series on strategy, guest lecture at Sydney's top universities on marketing strategy and take the helm as the country's first Gen Y General Manager of a strategic marketing consultancy. That's Jeff's career to date and, at the ripe old age of 29, he plans on achieving a lot more.

    He's a true generalist, that's why he's Step Change's General Manager (among other things). His interests as a musician, accomplished painter, woodworker and sculptor are balanced with a passion for business and an almost 'rainman' like ability with obscure topics like biology, human neurology, decision making and behaviour.

  • Glenn Bartlett


    Glenn brings a unique perspective to the Step Change team with 15 years blue chip experience both agency and client side. He knows first-hand that it's clarity in strategic thinking and simplicity in creative execution that drive business results.  

    Glenn graduated with a commerce degree in 1998 and like most Kiwis bought a one way ticket to London. He began his career as a 21 year old at leading agency Saatchi & Saatchi managing Proctor & Gamble business across Europe. He later moved client side and has worked for three of the best marketing organisations on the planet - Nestle, Unilever and Coca-Cola.

    Glenn believes passionately that creativity drives progress and the role of business is to create a better world.  He has a special interest in how brands with true purpose and sustainable principles at their core drive long term competitive advantage. Glenn loves nothing more than a fresh idea and lives for those special moments where inspiration, creativity, strategic thinking and open minds collide to open up new opportunities. In his spare time you'll find Glenn sailing or on his stand up paddleboard hunting the next wave. 

  • Adam Long


    Adam's approach to ideas and strategy always starts at the same point, by asking the really tough questions. By asking the questions others don't he's able to form unique points of view and arrive at solutions that others won't.

    One of Australia's top 30under30 entrepreneurs, he sat on the Board of Engineers Without Borders and is a Director of Beehive, the sustainable design lab he founded in 2010. He takes a triple-bottom-line view of success, and his thinking has been sought out and implemented by the likes of AusIndustry, Red Cross, Sony Music and 3M.

    With a degree in industrial design he's able to combine both strategic and creative solutions to problems. He's deployed these skills across the not-for-profit sector, the government, big business and even by starting, and commercialising, his own business.



    Chicagoan native, the first 25 years of Dave’s life read like an all-American novel; tennis, golf, criss-crossing the country with his Dad in an SUV and ultimately finishing in the top 10 of Marketing students in his college.

     If that wasn’t American enough, he lived those college years in a fraternity, which is where he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship (as well as high-fiving and saying ‘yeah’ really loudly), springing up ventures throughout America before moving to Australia to take a short 3 month marketing internship.

     Back in the States, Dave became the 5th member of what is now the world’s largest social ad buying company, before giving in to the lure of the great southern land and moving back to Oz in 2013 as a Step Change strategy supervisor, where he spends his days working to his love of reviving, and building businesses.

  • Emma Dean


    After working for two years in B2B publishing, Emma joined the Step Change team for a chance to explore the strategic side of the marketing world.

    With a degree in Communications/Journalism, seven years customer service experience and five years as a music photojournalist, Emma has worked with some of the biggest publishers and artists in the country as well as writing for several newspapers and websites.

    Obsessed with music and all things German, Emma uses her skills as a writer, travel agent, calendar ninja, psychic and customer service expert to keep the Step Change team running like a well-oiled machine.

  • Andrew Durack


    Andy is a rare breed in the creative world – someone who thinks creatively, but focuses on strategy.

     His route to being a grown-up could be described as circuitous, spending way too long at university (where he graduated with a Communications degree) then ending up in a variety of strange jobs around the world, the worst of which is still a toss up between squid-gutter and barman in Dublin.

    Along the way he honed his writing skills, returning to Sydney to enter the world of publishing – which promptly fell apart. Dazed, he tried returning to uni but wasn’t getting invited to any parties so took refuge at Step Change Marketing as their resident copywriter in 2011.

    Here he found an application for his knack of understanding human behaviour and passion for all things copy, working on translating propeller-head language into plain English and developing ideas for some of Australia’s fastest growing brands across most media.

  • Megan De Beer


    Hailing from South Africa, Megs is a lover of all things beautiful – which to her includes not just design but perfectly constructed timelines and a well-organised calendar.

     It’s these qualities that saw her promoted to Key Account Lead of Step Change within only two years, where she now manages a varied range of large projects for some of Australia’s most exciting brands.

     Her freakish all-round ability to enhance a project at every step from strategy, through idea development, art direction and ultimately project management is reflected in responsibility of an array of different projects from complex website builds, above the line campaigns, through to rebrands and explainer videos. And to top it off she runs an online retail store from home and has a bizarre mix of hobbies from Floorball to horse riding and tennis.

    When she’s not doing any of these activities, or reminiscing passionately about her beloved South Africa, you can find her plying her own range of design wares at a number of markets around Sydney.


  • Ivan Langham


    Ever since kindergarten arts and crafts Ivan has had a passion for all things visual. Whilst he excelled in all areas of his education, he had to follow a path that allowed him to be creative on a daily basis, leading him to a degree in Design and Visual Communications.

    Working in the film and television industry on science fiction films and trashy US crime shows allowed Ivan to start his career in a fantasy world. While he still wants to write the next Blade Runner, shifting his creative talents over to Step Change Marketing has allowed him to create strategic design solutions for leading brands such as Sony, 3M and Commonwealth Bank.

    Ivan believes strongly that good design is not just about making things look aesthetically pleasing, but plays an important role in conveying the key messages and essence of a brand. Specialising in brand identity and infographics, he has the ability to turn complicated, convoluted information into something simple and easy to understand.



    Rob has taken an unconventional route to arrive at Step Change Marketing. With a degree in International Relations and Master of Economics, Rob brings a unique mixture of hard and soft skills to the team.

    Previously, Rob worked in a strategy and economics role in the utilities sector, interned at the Consulate General of the United States of America and for a not-for-profit. Perhaps most notably, Rob did a stint in the jungles of Madagascar with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

    Problem solving is Rob’s strong point; foundations built on the logic and mathematics of economics have helped him establish a creative approach to critical thinking.

  • Domenico De Rosa


    Domenico is Step Change's animation specialist – a brilliant artist and animator, without the angst, and with an ability to understand strategy and actually talk to real people.

    Growing up in south Italy, Dom moved to Melbourne as an eleven year old with a passion for squid ink linguine and buffalo mozzarella, which led to a fair bit of teasing and a new passion for schoolyard fighting. After leaving school he graduated with honours from RMIT as student of the year and worked as a freelance animator, moving to Sydney in 2012 to join the Step Change team.

    These days Dom is potentially the world’s best dressed animator, working directly with clients creating a wide range of motion pieces, delivered in his trademark passionate style. He prides himself on being involved in a project from strategy, through creative brainstorming and right to the final piece. He’s won a bunch of international animation awards but he’s most proud of his recent appearances as a tango dancer in a tele movie series and his brief foray into the world of hand-modelling.

  • Rachel Lewis


    After spending several dusty years in Wagga Wagga studying Animation and Visual Effects, Rachel moved back to the big smoke to start her career as an animator extraordinaire.

    As an award winning 2D and 3D animator, Rachel is the opposite of average, with an outlook on life that is just the right amount of quirky, mixed with a splash of the offbeat. She’s worked in several advertising agencies and production companies animating for brands including Mercedes Benz, Commonwealth bank, the Sydney Opera House and Huggies.

    Rachel enjoys developing characters of all kinds, and loves their ability to lead audiences through an engaging brand story. And with its amazing ability to push all sorts of boundaries, Rachel views animation not just as a visual alternative to video, but also as a valuable production tool, capable of drawing diverse attention.

    When Rachel isn’t hunkered down in the design studio, she can be found dressing up for nerd-tastic conventions and eating large quantities of somewhat delicious gluten free food. She has a passion for furry animals, monsters and kids shows of all kinds.



    Nathan is Step Change Marketing’s all-rounder, working across strategy, business development, event management and project management across a huge range of projects.

    Joining Step Change as an intern from University of Notre Dame in 2012, Nathan was quickly promoted to Strategy Supervisor after he impressed with his ability to grasp complex strategy ideas, understand businesses and give the rest of the staff the opportunity to relive their uni days and tell boring repetitive stories about what they used to do.

    With a degree in Commerce almost complete Nathan is now focusing on helping businesses develop new sales cycles and creating innovative ways to automate the marketing process, while somewhere finding spare time to train for triathlons and indulge in all things sport.



    After studying hard and receiving a degree in Architecture at Manchester University (UK), Chris promptly decided that a life in advertising was for him. So he upped and moved to London, completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, and got his first job working on 2 of the UK’s largest retail brands. 

    16 years later, Chris has had the privilege of working with several of Advertising’s great luminaries, and has been pivotal in the development of strategy and creative for some of the world’s largest brands, including Microsoft, Samsung and McCain. He’s not just used to working with the biggies - during his career he has worked with clients of all sizes, across a multitude of sectors.

    Chris has never left his creative side behind, and is a professional Photographer in his spare time, along with being an experienced musician. Chris is available for both weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

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